【Air Canada停飛波音737 Max至明年2月】- 今日600國語新聞
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【Air Canada停飛波音737 Max至明年2月】- 今日600國語新聞


加拿大航空公司(Air Canada)宣布
Air Canada announced that

由于围绕着波音公司 737Max飞机的不确定性
due to the uncertainty surrounding the Boeing 737Max aircraft

it was decided to extend the aircraft’s

一直延长到 2020 年的 2 月 14 日
grounding time and extend it to February 14, 2020

Air Canada has already removed the type of aircraft from the flight schedule.

加拿大航空公司总共拥有 24 架 737 Max 飞机
With a total of 24 737 Max aircraft

Air Canada is the first airline in North America

延长至明年 2 月的航空公司
to extend its downtime to February next year.

上个星期 美国的联合航空公司 United Airlines 表示
Last week, United Airlines United Airlines said that

as regulators continue to review

波音公司对 737 Max 的软件修改
Boeing’s software modifications to the 737 Max

美联航将把 737 Max 的停飞时间
United will postpone the 737 Max’s grounding time

to January 6 next year.

在美国其他运营 737 Max 机型的航空公司中
Among other US airlines operating the 737 Max

西南航空公司 Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines also dropped

the aircraft to January 5 next year

美国航空公司 American Airlines
while American Airlines American Airlines

was grounded until January 15 next year.

Since mid-March this year

波音 737 Max 已在全球范围内停飞
the Boeing 737 Max has been grounded worldwide.

The aircraft suffered two air crashes within half a year

2018 年10 在印尼的起飞阶段发生坠机
In 2018, 10 crashed during the take-off phase in Indonesia

接着 2019 年 3月 在埃塞俄比亚
Then in March 2019

it also crashed in Ethiopia

共造成 346 人 死亡
killing a total of 346 people.