【Federal Election 2019 投票日選民投票踴躍】- 今日600國語新聞
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【Federal Election 2019 投票日選民投票踴躍】- 今日600國語新聞


星期一 2019 年 10 月21日
Monday, October 21, 2019

is Canada’s federal election polling day

在两个大省 安省和魁省
In two major provinces, Ontario and Quebec

投票站从早 9 点半开到晚 9 点半
polling stations open from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm

而位于太平洋沿岸的西部省份 BC 省
while in the western provinces of the Pacific Rim, BC,

polling stations open from 7 am to 7 pm,

以尽量 “弥补” 与东部地区的时差差距
“Compensate” the gap with the eastern region.

In Toronto, the two major cities of Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec,

when the polling station opened

选民们就络绎不绝 排队进入
the voters were continually lining up

and waiting to exercise their voting rights.

Some people choose to vote in the morning

to avoid waiting in line for a long time

after the peak of the post-work week.

加拿大全国有 338 个联邦选区
There are 338 federal constituencies across Canada

设立了约 20,000 个投票站
with approximately 20,000 polling stations

加拿大的有资格选民为 2700 多万人
and more than 27 million eligible voters in Canada.

根据加拿大选举局(Élections Canada)的初步数据
According to preliminary data from Élections Canada,

在10 月11 日至 14日的提前投票中
4.7 million voters have voted

有 470 万选民已经投了票
in the early voting on October 11-14,

which is an increase of 30.5% from the number of voters who voted earlier

提前投票的选民数量增加了 30.5%
in the previous federal election (2015)

加拿大 2015 年联邦大选的投票率为 68.3%
Canada’s voter turnout in the 2015 federal election was 68.3%.

Experts estimate that the voter turnout in this year’s election will certainly not be low.