MARKHAM – I wish to make a statement about yet another deeply offensive attack on me contained in a Globe and Mail story published on February 13. In an ongoing pattern of harassment and character assassination that the Globe and Mail began in 2015, this story rehashes false and unsubstantiated allegations that originated in 2010 from censured CSIS Director Richard Fadden.

万锦市 – 本人在此就2月13日发表的《环球邮报》的一篇报道中对我的又一次强烈攻击发表声明。自2015年,《环球邮报》对我的持续骚扰和人格暗杀已经成为固定模式,其中的这篇报道重复了2010 年由备受指责的加拿大安全情报局局长理查德•法登提出的虚假和未经证实的指控。

The linking of my name to baseless, slanderous insinuations and innuendo without the full disclosure of facts and sources significantly contributes to “fake news” and violates the standards of unbiased ethical journalism that is a fundamental pillar of our democracy.


As noted by respected Toronto Star columnist Martin Regg Cohn in 2015, “Journalists at the Toronto Star and various other media learned long ago that Chan was one of those provincial politicians being eyeballed by CSIS, but there was nothing to disclose beyond innuendo – innocuous and innocent activities.”

正如受人尊敬的多伦多星报专栏作家马丁•雷格•科恩 (Martin Regg Cohn) 在 2015 年指出,“《多伦多星报》和其他众多媒体的记者们很久以前就了解到,陈是被加拿大安全情报局盯上的省级官员之一,但是除了影射,并没有什么实质揭露,都是无伤大雅、无关的行为。”

The consequences of Globe and Mail publications in 2015, and in the years since, have served only to ignite xenophobia and cause continued, unwarranted, and irreparable damage to my reputation and the safety of my family. The terror and threats we experienced made it necessary for me to take extreme measures. Those measures included a meeting a few years ago with a senior York Regional Police official to seek help and with whom I shared information about malevolent organizations to aid their investigation if I suddenly disappeared or died. The personal attacks perpetrated by the Globe and Mail were especially egregious and disheartening for someone like myself who has always put the interests of Canada and Canadians first and foremost, and who has a long, true record of exemplary public service.

《环球邮报》在 2015 年以及此后的几年里所发表的文章只会点燃仇外情绪,并对我的名誉和家人的安全造成持续、无根据和无法弥补的损害。我们所经历的恐怖和威胁使我不得不采取极端措施。这些措施包括为了寻求帮助,我在几年前与约克地区警察局的一名高级官员的会面。我和他分享了有关邪恶组织的信息:如果我突然失踪或死亡,这些信息将可以帮助他们进行调查。我始终将加拿大和加拿大人的利益置于首位;我引以为豪的楷模般的公共服务,有长期的真实的记录。《环球邮报》的攻击,对我这样的人来说,极其令人震惊和沮丧。

The recent story’s content is especially grievous given the obvious indication that its content was substantially based on illegally collusive sharing of information by CSIS.


For 13 years, I have been a victim of CSIS’ disgraceful and systemic racial profiling and shocking incompetence, aided and abetted by the Globe and Mail.


In 2010, Mr. Fadden, who was appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, first publicly blurted out false and unsubstantiated allegations, stating, “There are several municipal politicians in British Columbia and in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown who we think are under at least the general influence of a foreign government.” This reckless and unprecedented behaviour elicited widespread condemnation and resulted in a House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security holding two briefing sessions. The Committee issued a report that concluded, “That the Minister of Public Safety require Richard Fadden to resign” for “creating a climate of suspicion and paranoia”, a clear judgement on the serious incompetency of the CSIS Director.


During these 13 years of slanderous and persistent abuse of my civil rights at the hands of CSIS, I have never been interviewed by them regarding their false and unsubstantiated allegations. However, I am aware that they have conducted intimidating interviews with my friends and acquaintances and then instructed them to keep their mouths shut.


The content of the unlawful sharing of information by CSIS violates my privacy and is exceptionally ridiculous and defamatory in reference to my activities in 2019. The fact is that I travelled extensively outside of Canada from late 2018 to late 2019, specifically ten visits to Southeast Asia, to develop an overseas project as a private citizen. My travels included multiple meetings with numerous consular officials of Southeast Asian and Asian countries. In between those trips, I returned to Canada to fulfil my responsibilities as a board member of an educational institution.

加拿大安全情报局非法的共享信息的内容侵犯了我的隐私,有关我2019年的记录尤其荒谬、极具诽谤性。事实是,2018年底至 2019 年底,我频繁在加拿大境外旅行,其中有十次访问东南亚的行程, 是我以个人身份开发一个海外项目。我的旅行包括多次会见东南亚和亚洲国家的众多领事官员。在这些旅行的间隙,我曾回到加拿大履行我的作为一家教育机构理事会成员的职责。

The depth of CSIS’ incompetence in being unable to confirm this with the Canada Border Services Agency is quite astounding. My absences from Canada would have made it impossible for me to have played any role in 2019 election campaign or participated in any of the electoral activities that CSIS nefariously insinuates.


In 2017, the current CSIS Director, who previously served as an Assistant Director to Mr. Fadden, admitted to organizational systemic racism. It is evident to me that this reprehensible workplace climate, described by employees as an “old boys’club”, has long spilled over into CSIS’ conduct in the wider Canadian society. It is manifested in their repugnant practice of racial profiling and the civil rights abuse of innocent Canadians.

2017 年,曾担任法登的助理局长的现任局长承认其内部存在组织机构的种族主义。在我看来,这种有毒的职场氛围,被员工描述成如“老男孩俱乐部”一般,很明显已经蔓延到加拿大安全情报局在其更广泛的加拿大社会中的行为。这在他们无耻的种族定性和践踏无辜的加拿大人的公民权利的行为中,可见一斑。

Unjustifiably stoking fears of immigrants as disloyal citizens and enemy aliens without concrete evidence, a practice that has led to some of the worst injustices in world history, serves only to create division, hate, and the destabilization of a peaceful, harmonious, vibrantly diverse society. It also undermines one of Canada’s key advantages in the global economy – the deep ties and connections of our multicultural population to nations around the world.


Canadians do not expect that employees of a taxpayer-funded federal agency responsible for national security would indulge in such a despicable practice that in itself undermines the values they should be seeking to uphold.