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节目赞助合作 Program Sponsorship & Cooperation

Based on our comprehensive marketresearch and interactive group investigation , our professional production team has lunched a series of exclusive original video programs according to media promotion principle. Nowadays, we launched a short video interview show for the high-end crowd “CEO Patrick & Friends “, for Canadian Chinese children and mother’s only kid’s program ” Beaver family “, targeting on the international students ” Studying Abroad “. These shows present both cultural dissemination as well as commercial promotion value, and they have competitive advantages on marketing promotion and branding.


全媒体平台广告投放 All-Media Platforms Advertising

Viewers around the world can watch our programs via mobile phone, TV, computer, and other different ways. Xinflix 600 world has multi-language broadcast in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Specific channels include:

All Chinese TV boxes in Canada (Xinflix, I TALK BB, Charming China, Kaya, etc).

More than 60 hanging screens in Toronto, such as Markham City Hall and Pacific Place (Xinflix Xedia is the only Canadian Chinese media company with official approved hanging screens in Canada).

Xinflix Media 600 world’s WeChat publicaccount, official website, YOUTUBE, Toutiao, TWITTER and other new media platforms.

Covering the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan communities in Canada, and connecting with the mainstream society, we have unique influence to promote the economic, trade, cultural and tourism exchanges between China and Canada.

Our channels are perfectly suitable for different organizations or businesses in China and Canada to brand reputation and expand the influence globally.

Our clients include China National Culture and Tourism Administration, China Mobile, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Benz, Ford, King To Nin Jiom, etc.



加拿大所有中文电视盒(新动力、I TALK BB、魅力中国、凯亚等)


新动力传媒600国际台微信公众号、官网、YOUTUBE、今 日头条、TWITTER等新媒体平台




特色合作项目 Featured Project Cooperation

With our advanced fibre optic network technology, first-class studios, video studios and recording studios, and internet-based television and new media broadcasting platforms linking China and Canada, Xinflix Media is the only all-media platform in Canada with strong capability to combine offline activities and online programs.

Hosting live streaming parties and online forums covering China and Canada, integrating offline activities and online programs, providing full services from planning to poster production, video packaging and broadcast promotion.

Customized music videos for organizations or individuals.

The first featured live stream TV shopping show embedded with onlineshopping.

For cooperation, please call +1(888)946-3549 Or add company assistant’s WeChat: x600world