CADT – Canada’s first stable coin BVC Pay《CEO派克大叔的朋友们》
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国语:美国两极分裂 加拿大是否可能出现类似情况The U.S. split between two candidates, will Canada experience the same?


CADT – Canada’s first stable coin BVC Pay《CEO派克大叔的朋友们》

Hi everyone. During the pandemic,people don’t want to touch cash or credit card machine, and vendors also want to adopt a contactless payment system, so fortunately, no matter where we are, there’s always a pioneer to help us solve these problems. So we are very glad to invite Blockchain Venture Capital Inc. Board director Justin Poy and marketing director Lucy Bao to discuss their mobile payment application BVC PAY in Canada with us. So, also we had another guest, you know, our company, Chairman Mel Cohen. The reason why he is here because he has such so many questions about BVC PAY.

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