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600 World is the video broadcasting platform of Xinflix Media. Programs include daily 600 news broadcasted in Mandarin, Cantonese and English with subtitles. 600 world also introduces news programs from authoritative media channels such as China News Service, CCTV PLUS, Phoenix SATELLITE TV and Australia Gate Radio and TELEVISION. We also launched our original programs such as “CEO Patrick & Friends”, “Beavers Family”, “Studying Abroad” and “Global Eyes”. In addition, we produced various large-scale events with authoritative organizations both in China and Canada, such as five consecutive China-Canada Martial Arts Festival, the first China-Canada TV Festival, the Charity Night of Merit Fundraising Gala for the United Nations Children’s Fund, etc.

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600国际台是新动力传媒旗下的视频播出平台,节目有普通话、广东话双语播出、中英双语字幕的日播新闻节目600新闻,并引进中国新闻社、CCTV PLUS、凤凰卫视、澳门广播电视等权威媒体的新闻节目。也推出原创节目《CEO派克大叔的朋友们》《海狸家族》《留学路上》《Global Eyes》等。除此之外,也和中加权威机构推出各类大型制作,包括连续举办五届的中加武林风、第一届中加电视节、卓越慈善之夜为联合国儿童基金筹款晚会等。

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