1. If you are planning to sell alcohol at your event, you will require a Sale SOP. The server at the event will required to have a Smart Serve license. If you have further questions of would like to obtain an SOP, please contact the LCBO at 416-365-5900; outside of Toronto call 1-800-668-5226.
  2. Renters are responsible for stacking all the tables and chairs and returning them to the storage room.
  3. No confetti, tacks, tape, nails, etc. used on the walls for decoration purposes. No posters, flyers, banners and/or other promotional material are permitted to be posted on the walls and/or the lighting curtains within the Xinflix Auditorium or the waiting area. The penalty for any unapproved posting on the wall or lighting curtain is $500 per item.
  4. The use of open fire in the auditorium, green room and/or conversation room is strictly prohibited.
  5. The Renter acknowledges receiving the Equipment in good condition. Renter will return the Equipment to Xinflix Media Inc. in good condition. If the Equipment is damaged while in the Renter’s possession, the Renter will be responsible for the cost of repair, up to the current value of the Equipment. If the Equipment is lost while in the Renter’s possession, the Renter will pay Xinflix Media Inc. the current value.
  6. Upon leaving, all personal items, table arrangements, and decorations are to be removed from the premise or they will become the property of Xinflix Auditorium. (Unless other arrangements are discussed)
  7. Smoking/Vaping is only permitted, by law, outdoors with a minimum of 9 metres from the entrance.
  8. As of the day of rental, the host shall identify and hold harmless Xinflix Media Inc. against and from any and all liabilities, fines, suits, claims, demands, actions, costs and reasonable expenses of any kind or nature or by anyone whomsoever, duty to or arising out of:
    a. Any default in observation violation or non-performance of any term or condition of this rental agreement;
    b. Any damage to person or property occasioned by HOST use or occupancy of the demised property;
    c. Any injury to person or persons, including death, resulting at any time there from, occurring in or about demised premises;
    d. Any injury to person or property caused by illegal acts of the HOST or their guests occurring in or about demised premises.
  9. If the host chooses to serve alcoholic beverages while renting the auditorium, the host is entirely responsible for the purpose of said alcohol and expressly agrees to accept full responsibility and liability for guests consuming alcoholic beverages, and in addition will hold Xinflix Auditorium harmless against and from any liability, fines, suits, claims, demands, actions and costs and reasonable expenses of any kind or nature that may arise out of serving alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  10. Should the host or invitees violate any of the above terms or any violations of city ordinance, or federal law, the right to occupy the premise shall immediately be revoked. The facility shall be immediately vacated and the host shall be liable for full payment of the above noted function. The rental fee shall also be immediately forfeited to Xinflix Auditorium.
  11. In the case of an emergency at Xinflix Auditorium, Xinflix Media Inc. reserves the right to cancel the reservation, ensuring a full refund to the Renter.

Payment Schedule

50% Initial Deposit
50% Final Deposit is due 3 weeks before the event or when an agent contacts you to confirm the booking..

Cancellation Notice

The Host may cancel within 30 DAYS NOTICE prior to the scheduled event without further penalty with the auditorium rental paid being forfeited. The host agrees that contracts cancelled with less than 30 days notice will require 50% payment of the above noted function. The deposit check shall become liquidated for damages forfeit to Xinflix Auditorium.

Contact Us

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